Ergo Phizmiz

Performance Artist
Visual Artist

Ergo Phizmiz (uk) is a radio producer, collagist, writer, composer, and filmmaker, who has worked across radioplays, installations, opera, songwriting, animations, and performance. His work is characterised by restless change and playful toying with history, art, music, science, and the limits between creativity & charlatanism, facts & fictions, copyrights & copywrongs, words & music.

Ergo has performed twice in DE PLAYER; 1st time was with his suitcase Opera 'The Mourning Show', 2nd will be 'UOEIA' an operina on the histories of yodelling  based on books by bart plantenga. “UOEIA” is performed by what, appropriately enough, should be termed “Swiss Family Phizmiz”, in a mixture of vocalisation, performance, shadow-puppetry, masks, paper-collage, and animation, with a kaleidoscopic music score that twists between original acoustic composition and sound-collage from across the history and richly varied cultures of yodelling.

Events & Releases

A seven page pop-up book entitled UOEPOPIAUPERA which guides the UOEIA operina...
Folding, projections, image building and packaging with: Ergo Phizmiz, Abner...
This Dept. of Public Sound release is related to the UOEIA I event by DE PLAYER...
LATE AFTERNOON (free entrance)17.00 Ur Musig (film) 19.30 Heimatklänge (film) ...

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