Named after German composer-musicologist Dieter Schnebel’s music theatre piece Maulwerker (for Organs of Speech and Reproduction Tools, 1968-1974), the German group Maulwerker has distinguished itself in the areas of interdisciplinary music theatre & the performance arts since its founding in 1977. The group is particularly adept at isolating, deconstructing and extending the various aspects of the human voice.

They are specialists at the intersection of music and theater and music and language, they operate where music and space, sound and silence interpenetrate. 
The Maulwerker a vocal ensemble — music performers — music theater-makers — a composers’ collective.
In addition to the classics of new (vocal) music and experimental music theater, the Maulwerker repertoire focuses on more recent trends, and therefore on active collaboration with composers, radio dramatists, sound artists and directors, as well as on works created by members of the ensemble itself.

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Continuing in the DE PLAYER’s tradition of research as part of its ODR program...
Late Night Performance Eventa dense performative border research on that...
Alex Nowitz (DE) / COM.POST #18 Hocus Pocus, an electroperadical solo for voice...

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