DE(P)_LAYER has recently done several projects beside its regular live events and publishing activities. Of course this all is entangled with one another and makes our program complete as a holistic body. So check here what’s up on that level.

)HRHED(is an investigation of new social and artistic interfaces
for sound and performance, it is a project in which (new) media art, interactive digital aspects, sonology and post-digital ideas are addressed in the performative practice of the invited artists.  

Our Department of Public Sound series focuses on the dialogue between the social context of society’s function as venue and its inner content. We don’t pretend seeking some sort of balance in it; its more like a non-linear sketchbook that mirrors our artistic ambitions, but, just as importantly, it also represents the general racket of society, and is thus intimately connected to the broader social or technical issues.
Every release contains a 10” vinyl records plus printwork with an essay and illustrations.

Pushing Scores is a two-year artistic research project, initiated by DE PLAYER and graphic designer Remco van Bladel. Throughout 2016 and 2018, this project researched the phenomenon of notation and the graphic representation of music. It unfolded through a nomadic program which included the creation of newly commissioned artworks and public events addressing contemporary questions and issues in this particular field.

Some Historical content