DDV / Danny Devos

Performance Artist

He explores existential, social and artistic border situations and confrontation with his audience. DDV created 160 performances, many dealing with endurance, personal danger and psychological terror. His 1990s sculptures and installations are inspired by true crime, for which he corresponded with several multiple murderers in Belgium and the U.S.A.
Club Moral is a Belgian noise band formed in 1981 by Danny Devos and Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven based in Antwerp, Belgium . They are known for their controversial performances and imagery. In 2001 "Dylan" briefly joined the band. In 2003 Mauro Pawlowski joined Club Moral and is a full time member of the band.

interview with DDV about his performance practise

Events & Releases

Beautiful perspex boxset bringing together our 8INCH 2011 participants....
double 8-INCH with lasercutted and engraved MDF packaging. With picture disc...
Club Moral is DDV (Danny Devos) en AMVK (Anne-Mie van Kerkchoven) and are...
At this event DDV will give shape to the program. With Club Moral (DDV and AMVK...
DDV's contribution to 'Sound as a Weapon' by De Player in Rotterdam,...
in cooperation with ART Rotterdam with Goodiepal (dk), Erik van Lieshout (nl),...

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